Rhythm is a dancer
It’s a source companion
People feel it everywhere
Lift your hands and voices
Free your mind and join us
You can feel it in the air

You might be wondering why I’m quoting the 90’s dance classic, “Rhythm Is a Dancer” by German Eurodance group Snap.  Well I’m starting a new project and the only title I can come up with takes the namesake of this undeniable banger. The lyrics are so simple and true. Eurodance music mega hit poetry at it’s finest in my opinion:

Check this out
Let the rhythm ride you, guide you
Sneak inside you set your mind to move
To its pulsation, bass vibrations
Sense sensation, pause is not implicit
Mind and body must be free too
Please take it all way, nothing to lose
Everything to win

The reason why I can’t think of any other name for my project is because I don’t think one exists. I really don’t think there is another title that sums up what I’m hoping to do better than “Rhythm is a Dancer.”  Maybe part of the project quest will be to find another name, but until then I’m just gonna hope that Snap doesn’t find out about this project and sue me. But also that would be kind of amazing and maybe worth it for the story value.

So I should probably share the project idea with you now. Well, I’m not going to!! Sorry, but it’s now 7:40am. I’ve been up since 3:30am with my usual anxiety/insomnia problems and on top of that I found a mouse in the house!! I’ve literally been vacuuming and looking up mouse trap reviews for the last 4 hours and needed something else to do. So I started this blog.  Instead of explaining the idea, I’m just gonna wrap up this inaugural post with a video that is a very crucial part of this project and basically started it all for me:

In the following posts I will get into all of this more. Until then, I’m gonna wish myself luck in getting some rest and dealing with this mouse problem in the most humane, least gross way possible.




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